Ken and Maddie
Maggie and Anarchy
It is very sad to say it, but proper Pit Bull temperament is becoming harder and harder to find. With just a quick web search, you can find literally hundreds of kennels with photos of dogs that are everything a Pit Bull shouldn't be.

Descriptions such as "chained for life", "great watch dog" and "man stopper" are all too common for a breed that was once heralded as the ultimate family dog and companion. Historically, the Pit Bull was bred for dog aggression, NEVER human aggression. Human aggressive dogs were culled (the 'polite' term for killing a dog with undesirable traits.)

A Pit Bull with proper temperament should be happy, outgoing 'wiggle butts' who view a stranger as a friend they haven't met yet. Sure, a Pit Bull may bark when a stranger comes to the door, but when that door is open you are far more likely to get covered with sloppy dog kisses than attacked.

The snapping, snarling dog lunging at the end of a chain in the yard down the road from you is probably not a Pit Bull in the first place, and even if it is, it is certainly not exhibiting the temperament the breed was once famous for.

Taurus and his Puppy
Most of the photos on this web site were provided by members of the Pit Bull Forum and all of them are great examples of what REAL Pit Bulls should be.

The media would have you believe that you should cross the street when you see a Pit Bull coming towards you - but thousands of responsible Pit Bull owners know better! There isn't a smarter, more loving, more devoted breed in the dog world.

What about animal aggression?
Pit Bulls, from the beginning, were bred for dog aggression. This is no different than Labrador Retrievers being bred to retreive ducks with a soft mouth. Dog aggression is one aspect of the breed, and should be expected. Would you every expect a Lab not to retreive? Of course not!

It is not uncommon to hear "My dog just attacked another dog/cat/squirrel, are my kids next?" The answer is NO. Dog aggression is a part of owning a Pit Bull, but dog know the difference between a dog and a human!

Comparing animal aggression with human aggression is like comparing soccer with swimming - both are sports but just because you are good at soccer doesn't mean you don't sink like a stone when you swim!

Are all Pit Bulls dog/animal aggressive?
No. Many Pit Bulls are perfectly safe around other dogs and other animals. However, there is a saying amongst Pit Bull owners - "Never trust a Pit Bull not to fight." Your dog may be a perfect angel around other dogs for years and then one day decide that it doesn't like other dogs anymore... you should never ever leave any dogs alone together unsupervised, especially if one of them is a Pit Bull or a Pit Bull mix.

One of the best way to lower your chances of having your dog be animal aggressive is to spay or neuter as early in life as possible. If you already have a dog and want to add another one to your family, having dogs of the opposite sex is another way to lower your chances of having problems.

Most importantly, you dog should be a member of your family. A dog who lives life on the end of a chain or in a kennel has a MUCH higher risk of becoming animal aggressive, and possibly human aggressive as well. A chained dog lives a lonely life and this often leads to serious behavior problems. Dogs are pack animals, as a dog owner, you are the dog's 'pack', no dog enjoys a solitary life.